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LAEX TAN Self Tan Mousse 50ml

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If you're looking to achieve a beautifully golden colour, LAEX TAN self tanning mousse is definitely for you! This light-weight mousse is easy to apply, blends evenly with no streaks whilst moisturising the skin. Having our unique mango fragrance sets us apart from the rest! Our 50ml LAEX TAN mousses are the perfect hand luggage accessory for anyone!
Our Medium Self Tan Mousse is suitable for fair to medium skin tones.

Our Dark Self Tan Mousse is suitable for medium to dark skin tones.

✔️ Vegan

✔️ Fast drying

✔️ Mango infused

✔️ Enriched with Aloe Vera to moisturise the skin 

✔️ Non streaking

✔️ Alcohol and paraben free

✔️ Perfect size for your hand luggage

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